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FITP XXVII Sessions by Room and Time

Times are still subject to repeated changes

101     Flint and Steel Fire Striking Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived  
102Climates of Change: Environmental History as Hands-On Pedagogy Norse Practical Jokes Experiment and Experience Viking Submarine Navigation as a possible explanation for the Loch Ness Monster Symmetry and asymmetry in Viking Age Dress <PS> The Viking Settlement of North America according to Ragnarr Njalsson Blow Me Down - Further Investigations of Human Powered Air Canadian History 1001: The Bloody Norse Arrive!
110 Anatomy of a steam engine through disaster and destruction Feet firmly in the past - Shoes from the Viking Age 800 - 1050 Sword Dances Kumihimo - The Art of Japanese Cordmaking $# Why Ancient Greece Was Really Kind of Terrible
111 Chainmail for Beginners # 50 Shades of History - a look at non-traditional sexual practices in history Braiding and Cords Diagonal Braiding Food and ambiance, translating the medieval feast to the modern table Chainmail - Beyond the Basics #
112 Introduction to Tablet Weaving $ Introduction to Embroidery # Advanced Tablet Weaving Advanced Embroidery
113 The Shosoin Repository Behind the Black Sails Naalbinding 101 #     

# - Session has attendance limits
$ - Session has a materials fee

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